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Candidate for Mayor, Gary Soiseth, has announced that his campaign is offering fall internships for positions in field operations, public and university outreach, and mass communications. The Gary Soiseth for Mayor Campaign is offering the internships to qualified students at Turlock-area high schools and colleges. “I started my public policy career as an intern for then Congressman George Radanovich,” Soiseth said. “I was exposed to the decision-making process of a campaign and was able to engage with the community. I am happy to extend this opportunity to Turlock’s high school and college students.”
With less than 70 days until the Nov. 4 election, members of the community are coming out in support of who they wish to see serve as Mayor of Turlock and Mayoral candidates are proudly listing off those names. However, Council candidates have remained less vocal about their supporters. Mike Brem, candidate for Mayor, has already received the support of several elected officials, including that of current Turlock Mayor John Lazar. At the time of Brem’s announcement to run, Lazar stated that he felt the candidate had the “experience and leadership to benefit our community in the years ahead.”
Turlock Associated Police Officers (TAPO) have announced that they have formed a political action committee (PAC) and may choose to issue endorsements in the 2014 November General Election. Currently the PAC holds a fund with a dollar amount they consider comparable to the Turlock Firefighters PAC.
A group of Turlock citizens have gathered to create a committee supporting Measure B, the new road tax item that will appear on the ballot in the 2014 November General Election. The long-discussed half-cent sales tax to benefit roads would generate about $5.6 million in revenues each year, and $39.2 million over the seven-year life of the tax. The tax has a sunset clause that allows reconsideration of the measure after seven years. It would be overseen by an independent body, and revoked if Stanislaus County adopts a countywide transportation tax.
The filing deadline for Mayoral candidates in the 2014 November General Election passed Wednesday at 5 p.m., with a total of two candidates: Mike Brem and Gary Soiseth. Soiseth was the first Mayoral candidate to finish the formal filing process July 29. His nomination papers, which must present the names and signatures of no less than 20 Turlock registered voters, showed 30 registered voters, the maximum allowed for the form.
When it comes to politics and elections, people often utter the phrase “follow the money.” Looking at campaign forms for 2014 November General Election, it seems events have already catapulted into what could be a record election year. $40,000 was already contributed to help decide the Turlock Mayor election before the first filing period even ended June 30. Election day takes place Nov. 4.
Friday was the deadline to file for candidacy for Turlock City Council in the 2014 November General Election, and according to City Clerk Kellie Weaver, all announced candidates made it in a day early, finishing on or before Thursday. Forrest White, current City Councilmember, was the first to finish the filing process in late July. All other Council candidates filed this week. Official candidates for the November election for Turlock City Council filed as follows: