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After falling behind early in the campaign contributions race for the Mayor of Turlock seat, Mike Brem has made a recent push having reported $17,000 in new contributions on Tuesday. However, the contributions reported by Brem were delayed and reported late per the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).
The Turlock Chamber of Commerce Turlock Action for Business Political Action Committee (TABPAC) announced that they are officially endorsing a Turlock Mayoral candidate and two Turlock City Council candidates for the Nov. 4 election. The TABPAC Board has unanimously endorsed Mike Brem for Mayor of Turlock and incumbents Bill DeHart and Forrest White for Turlock City Council.
After TurlockCityNews.com took a look at the campaign forms for the 2014 November General Election, it appeared that the race for the Mayor of Turlock was headed toward record spending, and the trend continues with more money rolling in. More than $40,000 was contributed to the two mayoral candidates, Gary Soiseth and Mike Brem, with Soiseth taking an early lead in support after the first filling period ending on June 30.
International Association of Firefighters, Local #2434, the Turlock affiliate union for firefighters, announced their endorsements of Gary Soiseth for Turlock City Mayor and Bill DeHart for reelection to City Council. According to Dale Melden, Turlock Firefighters Political Action Committee Director, the PAC met with all but two of the Mayoral and Council candidates on Sept. 2.
The following article is an Op-Ed written by Gary Soiseth, a candidate for the Mayor of Turlock. “He is anti-roads.” “He is anti-tax.” “He is too Republican.” All are false claims that will be waged against my campaign for mayor of Turlock because of my current criticism of Measure B, a proposed half-cent sales tax for the next seven years to fund Turlock road improvements.
The Turlock Associated Police Officers (TAPO) Political Action Committee announced that they have endorsed Gary Soiseth for Mayor of Turlock and Bill DeHart and Matthew Jacob for Turlock City Council for the November election. TAPO PAC’s endorsements come after the TAPO board selected these individuals who have a “focus on public safety and quality of life in Turlock.”
On Wednesday, candidate for the 10th District U.S. Representative seat, Michael Eggman (D), called on U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) to “explain his chronic absenteeism from the committees on which he is tasked to serve.” According to Eggman, Denham missed 39 percent of his Veterans Affairs committee hearings and 70 percent of hearings on both the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Natural Resources Committee.