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Incumbent Councilwoman Amy Bublak secured the endorsement of Turlock Associated Police Officers in the first ever by-district election. With endorsements from Turlock Firefighters PAC and TAPO, Councilwoman Bublak has the endorsement of two major public safety organizations. TAPO posted on Facebook showing their support for Councilwoman Bublak’s reelection in District 4.
Turlock firefighters have formally endorsed Incumbent Councilwoman Amy Bublak for District 4 and Gil Esquer for District 2 Turlock City Council elections. With two distinct candidates each representing a different district of the community, the Turlock Firefighters Political Action Committee made endorsements that they believe were the best choices for Turlock.
On June 28, City Council approved by 3 to 5 vote the Voluntary Campaign Contribution Pledge which holds candidates to receive $1,000 contributions per person and disclose the every contribution from $1 and up on their Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) 460 forms. Councilman Steven Nascimento, despite signing the pledge, has not held himself to that standard. Recent filings for the FPPC campaign finance 460 form from Councilman Nascimento reveals that $619 was received by the Councilman during the second filing period from July 1 to Sept. 24 was not disclosed as the pledge necessitates.
By now most of you have heard that the California Water Board just released a report called the Substitute Environmental Document (SED), which recommends that 40% of the water in the Tuolumne, Merced, and Stanislaus Rivers flow unimpaired to the Delta in order to improve the salmon habitat. A better name for the document is the SHAM Environmental Document because it is a smokescreen that hides the real reason why 40% flows are needed.
After a push for campaign finance reform by Councilman Steven Nascimento since 2014, the Incumbent Council Candidate has come out of the gate in the first ever City of Turlock district election with a report of big money. For the Turlock City Council district races, the candidate’s campaign has already separated itself from the other potential candidates by receiving over $23,000 in monetary contributions. With loans and nonmonetary contributions, the Nascimento campaign has amassed over $27,000. The campaign is for a district comprised of approximately a quarter of the city.
With the latest City Council elections coming up, there will be a new twist as the city will be divided up into four districts due to the passage of Measure A in 2014. The district boundaries came about as a result of Measure A passing with 73.76 percent, or 9,685 votes, saying “yes” and 26.24 percent, or 3,446 votes, saying “no.”
On June 22, Democrats from the House of Representatives led by Congressman John Lewis staged a sit-in on the chamber floor. The sit-in was an attempt to bring attention on gun issues and to bring about a vote on gun legislation.
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