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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 01:33

Election Day - California Presidential Primary 2016

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The California Presidential Primary is tomorrow. Voters will be able to cast their votes for the races for the United States Senate, United States Senate - District 10, State Assembly - District 12, and President of the United States of America. The California Presidential Primary is tomorrow. Voters will be able to cast their votes for the races for the United States Senate, United States Senate - District 10, State Assembly - District 12, and President of the United States of America.
Today is the California Presidential Primary Election. Turlockers in the area will be casting votes for candidates running for the State Assembly - District 12, United States Senate, United States District 10 Representative, and President of the United States. 

Whether Turlockers are casting their vote to “Make America Great Again,””Feel the Bern,” or to firmly state that “I’m with Her,” the California Presidential Primary will play a big part in determining the two candidates competing for President of the United States.

AP.org has Donald Trump (R) with with 1,239 delegates out of a needed 1237 to earn the nominations of the Republican Party.

The Democratic Primary is still being contested as Hillary Clinton (D) and Bernie Sanders (D) are only separated by 289 pledged delegates. The Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders currently has 1,520 pledge delegates to Clinton’s 1,809 pledge delegates, according to Ap.org.

However, including superdelegates, AP.org has Clinton standing with a delegate count of 2,357 and Sanders with 1,566.

2,383 votes are need for the Democratic nomination, and California has 475 delegates to be decided in tomorrow’s primary election.

Polls conducted by CBS/Yougov and American Research Group currently have Hillary Clinton as the favorite in the primary by a narrow percentage. CBS/Yougov polled 674 likely Democratic voters and Clinton came in at 49 percent to Bernie Sanders 47 percent. The ARG poll currently has them separated by 1 percent. With the ARG poll, Clinton has 1 percent lead standing at 48 percent to Sanders’ 47 percent.

With the retirement of Barbara Boxer (D) from the U.S. Senate, 35 candidates have arisen to contend for her spot. Currently, Kamala D. Harris (D) from San Francisco has garnered the highest support percentage with 34 percent from University of Southern California/LA Times poll. The next highest polling individual was Loretta L. Sanchez (D) from Santa Ana with 14 percent. However, 23 percent of voters polled were undecided.

Voters will also be taking to the polls to vote on the position of United States Representative - District 10. Current incumbent Jeff Denham (R) will be seeking reelection this year. Candidates listed as running for this election are Denham, Robert Hodges(R), Michael Eggman(D), and Michael J. “Mike” Barkley.

Current California State Assemblymember -District 12 Kristin Olsen (R) has served 6 years and will be terming out of her current elected position. She is currently on the ballot to run for Stanislaus County Supervisor - District 1. This is right when incumbent Supervisor Bill O’Brien surprisingly announced he would not be running for reelection. With only days before the deadline, Olsen was left uncontested as O’Brien’s successor.

5 candidates are currently listed for taking Olsen’s spot in the State Assembly. These individuals include Heath Flora(R), Cindy Marks(R), Ken Vogel(R), Harinder Grewal(D), and Virginia Madueno(D).

Supervisor Vito Chiesa is the incumbent for Board of Supervisors - District 2 and is running unopposed for the primary.  

Voters will also be voting on Proposition 50, the suspension of legislators. A Yes vote will require a ⅔’s vote from the State Senate or Assembly to suspend a legislator and allow the Senate or Assembly to eliminate the legislator’s pay during the suspension. A No vote will have a majority vote from the Senate or Assembly suspend a legislator, but the legislator will still receive salary and benefits.

Today is the California Presidential Primary. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If mail-in ballots have not been returned by mail yet, voters have the option to return the mail-in ballots to the county elections office or any polling place in Stanislaus County before 8 PM. Those who have mail-in ballots, but have changed their mind on voting by mail are still able to go to the polls to vote. According to Stanvote.com, Turlockers are able to vote “if you bring your vote by mail ballot to the polling place and surrender it to the poll workers before voting a regular precinct ballot.”

“If you do not have your vote by mail ballot to surrender, you will be allowed to cast a ballot provisionally at the polling place. Your provisionally cast ballot will be counted after the elections official confirms that you did not previously vote using a vote by mail ballot for that election.”

According to stanvote.com, there are 37,918 voters registered as No Party Preference as of June 2. The ballot that no party preference voters receive will not have an option to cast a vote for a presidential candidate. For those No Party Preference registered voters still wanting to cast their vote for a presidential candidate, they still have the option to vote for a Democratic, American Independent, or Libertarian candidate. They can go to the polls and request a “crossover” ballot.

Voters can visit this linkto find their polling place for today’s election.

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