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Tuesday, 02 December 2014 09:02

Over 50 Percent Voter Turnout in Turlock for General Election

Written by  Janie Costa
Turlock voters taking the exit poll survey from TurlockCityNews.com repoter Janie Costa. 11-4-14 Turlock voters taking the exit poll survey from TurlockCityNews.com repoter Janie Costa. 11-4-14 TurlockCityNews.com
Within the City of Turlock, 14,512 of the 28,750 registered City voters cast ballots during the Nov. 4 General Election for a total citywide turnout of 50.48 percent, according to the Certified Statement of the Vote signed by Stanislaus County Clerk Recorder and Registrar of Voters Lee Lundrigan.

In Stanislaus County 92,738 of the 214,188 registered voters cast ballots for a total percentage of 43.30. Turlock voters comprised 15.65 percent of the total countywide voter turnout.

Turlock had the highest voter turnout of all cities in Stanislaus County at 50.48 percent. Oakdale had 49.47 percent turnout; Hughson, 46.43 percent; Modesto, 41.73 percent; and Ceres, 33.92 percent. Unincorporated areas within the County had a total turnout of 45.43 percent.
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Turnout this election was much higher, in comparison to the June 3 Primary Election, where only 26.43 percent of registered voters in Stanislaus County voted. In the November 2013 election, where School Board and School District officials were chosen, only 22.96 percent of registered voters in Stanislaus County cast ballots.

Of note, during the November 2012 Presidential General Election, 67.39 percent of registered Stanislaus County voters voted.

For voting eligibility in Stanislaus County, one must be a U.S. Citizen, have residency in California and the County, must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the election, and not be in prison or on parole for felony conviction.

The total population in Stanislaus County, as of 2013, was estimated at 525,491, of which 326,747, or 65.56 percent, were eligible to vote as of Oct. 20, 2014 according to the California Secretary of State.

Comparatively, the total approximate population in Turlock, as of 2013, stands at 70,365. Among the total Turlock population, 40.85 are registered to vote; this number does not account for those who are ineligible. Though statistics are not available on citywide voter-eligibility, should they be calculated, the ratio of registered voters to eligible voters would be much closer than County averages.

Hypothetically, if eligibility in Turlock were similar to eligibility in that of Stanislaus County (65.56 percent), of 70,365 people living in Turlock, 46,131 would be eligible to vote. Comparing the hypothetical number of eligible Turlock voters to the 28,750 actually-registered Turlock voters, 62.32 percent of the City’s eligible population is registered to vote — over 20 percent higher than the rest of the County.

In the race for Mayor between Gary Soiseth and Mike Brem, 13,744 registered voters cast ballots for one of the two candidates; there were 53 write-in votes, and 762 voters who withheld. Soiseth received a total of 8,374 votes while Brem received 5,317 votes. Soiseth ultimately won with 60.93 percent of the vote.
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In the race for City Council, voters had the opportunity to vote for up to two of the five candidates; a total of 24,114 votes were cast for various candidates.

Of the 29,024 total votes for Council available to the 14,512 City of Turlock voters who participated in the election, 4,822 votes were not used; possibly a result of voting for zero or only one of the candidates. Notably, there were 96 write-in votes, and 88 over-votes, meaning that votes in excess of the two allowed for Council candidates were made and thus disqualified.

The top-two vote-getters in the race for the two open Council seats were Matthew Jacob, who took 7,066 votes for a total of 29.30 percent of the vote, and Bill DeHart, who took 6,351 votes for a total of 26.34 percent.

Measure A, a proposed change from at-large elections to district elections for City Council, received 13,131 votes; it passed with the support of 73.76 percent of voters.

Measure B, the proposed half-cent seven-year sales tax increase devoted to fixing Turlock roads, fell short of the 66.67 percent needed to pass with the approval of only 60.77 percent of voters. The controversial road tax elicited one of the higher number of voters among races specific to Turlock with 13,864 total votes cast.

To verify that your ballot was counted, visit the Ballot Status section of the Stanislaus County Elections Office’s website. For more information on how to register to vote in future elections, visit the California Secretary of State’s website

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  1. N. Hale

Please post a follow-up report that shows vote totals from Turlock's precincts.

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  1. Guest

It's good to know the adults showed up to defeat the pension pothole tax for roads.

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  1. N. Hale

In addition, please post the final tally of financial contributions to each candidate. Thanks.

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