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Plans for a family entertainment center with a 34 lane bowling alley are currently under review by the City of Turlock. Turlock has been without a bowling alley for nearly two decades, and with the newest project coming before the City, it may be possible for a bowling alley to return to Turlock. The City of Turlock has entertained the idea of a bowling alley since 2010. Originally, the project was a 52,000 square foot proposed family entertainment center that was going to include 34 bowling lanes on Monte Vista Avenue, near Crowell Road, across from CSU, Stanislaus, which was being planned from developers and then-PMZ realtors Jerry Powell, Jim Theis, and Rod Scott (the current developer).
Turlock Police Department sent out a press release that a male shooting suspect is on the loose and should be considered armed and dangerous. Central Valley TV first reported that the suspect allegedly fired on another man who was driving a stolen vehicle early Friday morning.
In 2014, a road tax was being pushed by some local politicians, such as Councilman Steven Nascimento. The Turlock tax hike proposal became known as Measure B on the November 2014 ballot. Before that measure went out to the voters, Turlock City Council discussed spending $50,000 on roads, out of a $32.4 million General Fund.
Originally, Director of Development Services Mike Pitcock had stated that a ribbon cutting for Turlock’s relocated Brandon Koch Memorial Skate Park could have been in the works for mid-June or early July. However, the completion date of the Turlock skate park has once again been pushed back.
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There is no more ambiguity in where the Turlock City Council stands in their opinions regarding campaign finance. After voting down all the other proposed measures, a majority of the City Council, with Councilmember Bublak teleconferencing into the meeting, voted in approval for Proposal 4, which implements voluntary campaign contribution limits. The ordinance adopted by the City Council regarding voluntary contribution limits has a looser definition of a donor than the ordinance proposed by Councilmember Steven Nascimento. Whereas Councilmember Nascimento sought to define a donor so that an individual who owns multiple business entities couldn’t usurp the contribution limit by donating from his different business entities, Mayor Soiseth’s proposal kept the definition as defined by the State of California. 
Turlock High School’s Louise Marchant Gymnasium has been undergoing a complete renovation makeover and crews are taking it to a whole other level with an elevator installation.
An increase in violent crimes, petty crimes, and the concerns of constituents have drawn the attention of Councilmember Amy Bublak. With citizens of Turlock notifying Councilmember Bublak about their concerns, she has requested a staff update discussing crime trends and how the City government is keeping the community safe.
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