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An unexpectedly rainy December had Turlock Irrigation District forecasters envisioning a wet irrigation season, despite a dry 2011-2012 water year.

Turlock Fire Department received a call at 10:20am on Monday regarding a residential structure fire located at 3420 Rochester Court in Turlock. One lone occupant was asleep and unaware that the fire had spread into the floor under her fireplace. Luckily, the downstairs occupant noticed smoke filling her apartment as well, and alerted the sleeping occupant after calling 911. Both occupants escaped the apartment unharmed.


Turlock's under-construction Public Safety Facility is nearly $1.5 million over budget, according to a presentation the Turlock City Council will hear Tuesday.

A light agenda awaits the Turlock Irrigation District (TID) Board of Directors on Tuesday.

Words can scarcely describe how excited I am to be joining TurlockCityNews.com as its new Editor.

Golden State Boulevard has been receiving a makeover the past few months, including resurfacing and new medians, and landscaping. The Golden State Boulevard Beautification Project is nearly complete with Phase I, between Monte Vista Avenue and Roberts Road, which should be completed by February 2013.

The Turlock Arts Commission voted unanimously on Thursday evening to approve a recommendation that the City of Turlock accept a donated bronze statue of Queen Shamiram, the first female Assyrian ruler of the Neo Assyrian Empire (668 BC – c. 627 BC).