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TCN Staff - info@turlockcitynews.com

TCN Staff - info@turlockcitynews.com

Sunday, 18 May 2014 16:28

Around Turlock - May 17

This green egg isn’t from some Dr. Seuss book.These eggs came from the Turlock Certified Farmers Market, courtesy of 3 Acre Farm. The farm-fresh eggs may look a little different from the store-bought variety, but that’s because real, natural chicken eggs aren’t always white.3 Acre Farm is one of the new additions to the Farmers Market this year, along with fresh meat and coffee vendors. The market opened May 2, and will continue to run from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Friday through the end of October.
Friday, 16 May 2014 18:19

Around Turlock - May 15

This minivan, spotted on N. Denair Avenue, crashed into the garage door of a local home on Thursday morning. It remains unknown exactly how or why this minivan ended up running into a garage, or if there were any injuries.
Some Turlock residents may be without power for four hours today, after a vehicle collided with a power pole near the intersection of East and Minaret avenues this morning. The outage comes as temperatures are expected to hit 97 degrees today. Those with electricity-reliant medical equipment are advised to call the Turlock Fire Department for immediate assistance, at 209-668-5580.
With one day remaining for Turlockers to comment on a proposed plan to elect City Councilmembers by district, a final public workshop was sparsely attended.The workshop, held in the Pitman High School cafeteria, was the second of two meetings to discuss the future of voting in Turlock.Rather than have the entire city elect all four councilmembers, the new district system will likely see residents of four quadrants each elect only their own representative. A mayor would continue to be elected at-large. District voting is said to be more fair to minorities; if the city does not switch, it will likely face a multi-million dollar lawsuit.
With the June 3 gubernatorial primary election less than a month away, vote-by-mail ballots are now arriving at Turlockers’ homes.Voting by mail is becoming increasingly popular, both in Stanislaus County and nationwide. Locally, 69,821 voted in the last June election, held in 2012; only 2,508 people actually voted at the polls. In the most recent local election, held in November 2013, more than 97 percent of voters voted by mail.
Platinum recording artists Banda Machos are the latest addition to the Stanislaus County Fair’s 2014 lineup.“Banda Machos has been touring around the world for many years now,” said Adrenna Alkhas, spokesperson for the Stanislaus County Fair. “They are well known for their unique sound and have an international fan base.”
A few Turlock Parks and Recreation programs have enjoyed substantial growth in the past year.The City of Turlock's adult softball program has surged, growing from 288 to 305 teams. Each team, comprised of at least 10 players, pays between $345 and $680 to play.Youth dance classes drew 350 participants this year. And T-Ball has experienced sensational growth, up to 540 kids playing from 380, a number that should stay high given the multi-year nature of T-ball.
That ring-a-ling of the ice cream man may bring good feelings to some (not all), but residents near Crane Park are growing tired of the noise.Cara Palmquist, a resident near Crane Park, says that as many as eight ice cream vendors will ring their bells, all day long, right outside of her window."We recognize this is an ongoing challenge, not only at Crane Park but at many of our more active facilities," said Turlock Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities Director Allison Van Guilder.
The City of Turlock will recognize Public Works Week this week, from May 18 to 24."This is the week that we honor the men and women who help to maintain our city," said Turlock Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Director Allison Van Guilder.The week is intended to honor the parks, water, sewer, street, landscape and facility maintenance crews who keep Turlock working.
Thursday, 15 May 2014 09:28

TID, Parks Commission Talk Transparency

Leaders on two Turlock boards are questioning whether their meetings are accessible and transparent to the public. The Turlock Irrigation District Board of Directors meet at 9 a.m. every Tuesday, when most people are working and unable to attend the meetings. Those meetings are neither broadcast nor recorded, making them completely inaccessible to many.