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Sunday, 25 October 2015 17:49

City Police and Fire Host Community Public Safety Open House

Written by  Sabrina Rodriguez
Turlock Police SWAT team members getting ready to do a demonstration before those in attendance. 10-24-15 Turlock Police SWAT team members getting ready to do a demonstration before those in attendance. 10-24-15 Sabrina Rodriguez/TurlockCityNews.com
Turlock started Saturday off with a bang, as the City of Turlock held its 9th Annual Public Safety Open House.

Locals of all ages came to educate themselves on how to take action and be aware of how to handle life-threatening situations, along with how authorities prepare for their actions as well.

Community members made their way around the Turlock Public Safety Facility grounds, going to different booths and demonstrations to gain information, one being how to learn Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

At the CPR demonstration, 5 year-old Azariah Lizotte, cautiously approached the practice dummy. Rosalie Solorio, grandmother of the child, said “Azariah thought it was a dead body but I had to take her to the stand to let her know that it was not a real person, but a life size doll that she could practice CPR on.”

When TurlockCityNews.com asked Azariah if she would know what to do in a situation where someone stopped breathing, she said “Yeah, I can practice on my daddy if he stops breathing because he is big like, like way bigger than the doll and sometimes he coughs and can’t breathe.”

Next to the barbeque station, the Special Weapons and Tactics team blew the crowd away with their astonishing job, demonstrating how to get a targeted suspect out the car by using a smoke bomb. The explosive sound had the children and adults covering their ears while watching the cloud of smoke drift in the wind as the Turlock Police SWAT team crept upon the car with gear weighing about 40 pounds. The actor who played the suspect, in the white sedan, had been surrounded by the armed men in uniform, which led to his arrest and to be taken into custody. 

 “We give the community the idea of what our function is when we function as a team,” said Turlock Police Officer Lee Medlan.

As the crowd followed to where some of the Turlock firefighters were, who happened to be dressed in their pink t-shirts for breast cancer awareness month, their sizzling area consisted of hot dogs on the grill being prepared for a free lunch.

The Turlock Fire Department followed up with a demonstration on how they take precautionary steps to get a victim out of a car that has been flipped over. Using sharp and heavy tools, firefighters made a hole in the hood of the green sedan to brace up the car when preparing to cut open the roof of the vehicle. Firefighters mentioned that they cut open the flipped vehicle because they do not want to reflip the car and make any more injuries to a victim's body. After about 10 minutes of laborious work, the firefighters had the roof completely off and if this was a real scenario, the victim would then be removed from the car and taken in for medical attention. 

The event was filled with many activities for the community to thrive on. Many lined up for face paintings, while others studied strategies on how to stay safe during a crisis and the process that authorities go through.

The annual event was great for the community to gain awareness that may actually help safety crews as they respond respond, while also helping the public learn safety tips that may help themselves in dangerous and harmful situations.

“The population is increasing and calls for service are increasing,” said Oficer Medlan.

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  1. Mmmm

Why haven't you written an article about Michael Cooke being the interim city manager.

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0 #1 Mmmm 2015-11-14 11:25
Why haven't you written an article about Michael Cooke being the interim city manager.

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