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Friday, 06 March 2015 08:49

Mayor Speaks to Students on Working Relationship Between City, University

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Mayor Speaks to Students on Working Relationship Between City, University Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com
Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth spoke with students at California State University, Stanislaus on Tuesday to discuss the City’s desire to build a growing bond with the University, as well as tackling key issues.

“Our council is committed to working on the relationships between the campus and the City,” said Soiseth on Tuesday.

For many years, there seemed to be a disconnect between the City of Turlock and CSU Stanislaus, as two separate entities simply sharing a town. However, recent moves have begun to create a budding relationship.
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Perhaps most excitingly, the CSU Stanislaus recently announced that the popular Fourth of July firework show will be returning to the University this year.

The firework celebration was hosted at the University for 24 years before being cancelled. The Stanislaus County Fairgrounds hosted the show for a few years, although it was never as popular as the University’s show, which attracted more than 200,000 people to CSU Stanislaus.

In addition to the fireworks, CSU Stanislaus recently opened a student art gallery in Downtown Turlock, the “Art Space on Main.”

“One of the things we’re trying to do is not only lure you out from campus through the public-private partnership that is the art exhibit Downtown — which is a great thing for all of you to be apart of,” said Soiseth. “But also, what can we do around the campus that makes it more attractive for you to come work, play, recreate, and enjoy Turlock.”
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The mayor, who taught at CSU Stanislaus as an adjunct professor, has also promised to give back to students in the way of a scholarship.

According to Soiseth, he will be putting his monthly stipend into a fund to create a public policy scholarship, around $1,000 to $2,000, for students to compete for and help tackle Turlock’s key issues with fresh, new ideas.

“I’m very, very excited about this scholarship opportunity,” said Soiseth, adding that more details will be released in the future.

While the students in attendance were interested in the scholarship, they were more interested in one of the biggest issues facing current students: parking.
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Currently, students must pay $180 per semester to park on campus; the high cost of parking permits have led many students to park in surrounding neighborhoods, which cause problems for the City, residents, and students.

“I will just do as much as I can to assist President Sheley and make sure you have a good, affordable option to park here on campus,” said Soiseth, who mentioned that the parking issue is multifaceted.

Soiseth hopes to return to CSU Stanislaus regularly to continue talks with students and the University and keep growing their relationship with the City of Turlock.

“I want you guys to know that your City Council really does care about the campus and the City coming together and working toward some common goals,” said Soiseth. 
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  • Guest - Maria Vierra Swanson, bingo

    Yes, Matt Swanson's wife is Maria Vierra Swanson. Have you ever seen her away from Matt? She has quite the personality. What do Matt's brothers do? I heard one hangs out a lot in Las Vegas, interesting. Hauck's is owned by the Gallo's...am I wrong about any of this? Nope, how is the good/bad doctor Rob Santos connected?

  • Guest - Let's start the Sosieth recall & boycott Cipponeri Farmers

    It's time to start the recall for Sosieth, Bublak, and anyone else who votes to cipponeri the farmers market contract. I called City Hall, you have to gather signatures, why not do it Saturday at 1 pm, I heard it's going to be a packed house!

  • Guest - DJ back Soiseth now he wants to recall him?

    DJ is a flip flopper. He couldn't get enough @ Soiseth, talk about a man-crush, it was past that point. The Chamber situation is a joke, it is obvious Bublak, Soiseth & Davoodian/Jacobs want to go after Sharon Silva & the Chamber gang because they were too stupid to get the endorsement. Giving your largest donors son-in-law the right to run the downtown farmers market...is anyone else thinking recall the three of them?

  • Guest - Recall anyone???

    How many signatures does one need to get rid of a council member or the mayor. Does anyone know how the process works? Someone get it started, there were at least 100 people at the city council meeting on Saturday. Why is this website not covering any stories anymore? Did Rob Santos stop paying all of the bills, including David's rent payment.

  • Guest - Guest

    "Never as popular as the University's show, which attracted 200,000 people to CSU Stanislaus"? 200,000 people? Are you kidding? The fairgrounds stepped up because the University didn't want it, and was putting on a tired, unsuccessful show. The fairgrounds shows drew 7,500 people, and this year's University show drew maybe 4,500, and was a horrible event. The only reason the University got the show back was because there was, finally, a core group of people who had made it work, and Sharon Silva pulled money from her CVB slush fund to pay for it. Jesus, at least TRY to get your facts straight.

  • Guest - Recall Matthew Jacobs, DJ that would help us all

    Don't waste your time, recalling Soiseth, let's recall the one who says nothing, Matthew Jacobs, needs to get booted off the council. It is apparent he doesn't read his background information, pay attention & it looks like he's falling asleep!

  • Guest - Clarence Thomas spoke today, will Matthew Jacob speak Tuesday night?

    SC Justice Clarence Thomas who has not asked a single question in nearly 10 years, (two days short of Feb. 2, 2016), asked 9 questions in the Supreme Court today. Do you think Matthew Jacob might mutter something intelligent Tuesday night March 1st? I'm not holding my breath. I think mayor soiseth pulls the puppet strings, wakes Jacob up, and low and behold, like Thomas, he just might speak. Unbelievable!

  • Guest - Recall the Gang of Three Soiseth, Bublak & Jacobs

    It should take much if you figure out the 130 people in the City Hall meeting last Saturday each collect 50 signatures, I bet that would be enough to put a recall of the Nasty & Mean Gang of Three, Soiseth, Bublak & Jacobs. Would that get their attention or would Swanson wave more $$$ big bills at them & poof, the threesome votes the way Ole' Man Swanson wants?

  • Guest - mayor Soiseth isn't wearing any clothes...& the final straw

    First the Kid mayor tries to screw the Chamber because the board didn't endorse him or his partner in crime, Amy Bublak. Next, the kid goes after the Turlock Farmers Market because Matt Swanson, (one of his largest donors besides the Turlock Fire Dept.) son-in-law got kicked out of the Bay area farmers market for being a jerk. Now he's trying to stop the TIN CUP ordinance which another council member suggested & was quickly forgotten because how else would soiseth, Bublak & Jacobs-Davoodian get elected anyway. The final straw is soiseth's pathetic attempt to make Turlock, "the city of kindness". My sons brought home these cards, I encourage all of the Turlock public school students (did he send them to TC where it's probably need more since Swanson runs the show there as well?) to send in their kindness cards to our kid mayor. It's why you don't vote for a 30-year-old to run a city of 72,000 people!

  • Guest - DJ where's the RECALL

    Are you really going to start a recall? If so, maybe you should ask for signatures at the March 15 meeting, it's going to be a full house.

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