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Sunday, 23 March 2014 09:03

Public Golf Course, Water Park Coming to Turlock?

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Could Turlock soon be home to an 18-hole municipal golf course or a city-built water park?

Both amenities are on a list of projects for future consideration, and a planned city-backed study is set to examine their feasibility.

The $75,000 study will hire a consultant to estimate costs to construct and operate those projects, and others listed in Turlock’s Parks Master Plan. The study will also examine potential funding strategies to turn the proposals into reality.

"We've really got to ultimately find out what all these things are going to cost and the feasibility of it," said Turlock Parks, Recreation, and Community Programs Commission Chairman Mike Dowd.
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The Turlock Parks, Recreation and Community Programs Commission unanimously endorsed the study during its March 12 meeting. The Turlock City Council will make a final decision on the study in the coming weeks.

As discussed in the Parks Master Plan, an 18-hole municipal golf course and driving range “could add another potential for positive cash flow for the community.” The plan also notes that the city has recorded demand for local public golf course.

A “Family Aquatic Center” could consist of water slides, water tube rides, and a wave pool. The center could also include sand volleyball, paddle tennis, and food concessions, per the plan.

Either project would likely be jointly developed in a public-private partnership. The City of Turlock would likely provide land, while a developer would build and manage the facilities, per the plan.
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The City of Turlock has previously employed public-private partnerships to success, such as in the re-built Carnegie Arts Center. The City of Turlock paid to construct the facility, but the Carnegie Arts Center Foundation operates the facility and pays for all ongoing costs.

Other potential public-private partnerships could lead to development of a miniature golf course, a family fun center, a tennis club, an ice skating rink, botanical garden, or an aquatic and fitness center, per the plan.

After the consultant’s work is done, the Turlock City Council would determine which projects to pursue. Funding for those projects would likely be included in the city’s Capital Facility Fees, which charge new developments for their share of constructing city buildings and parks.
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The Parks Master Plan was initially adopted in July 1995, and was updated in September 2003. In the plan’s nearly 20 year history, there is a precedent for its goals becoming reality.

The Parks Master Plan listed the need for a large soccer complex. That dream became the Turlock Regional Sports Complex, which now hosts the San Jose Earthquakes’ Professional Developmental League affiliate’s practices.

And a proposed public greenway system, connecting the entire city through bicycle and pedestrian pathways, is already a reality in parts of North Turlock. The new Turlock General Plan will extend the greenways throughout Turlock in the coming years.
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  • Guest - Illicit Yeshi

    I dont know about a water park, but we must have something for the kids to do in this town. I personally feel a skating rink and bowling alley with arcade would be more beneficial. And please finish the damn skate park. I cannot believe the city of Turlock allowed that to be taken away from the kids!

  • Guest - Guest

    I'll take 50 grand and save the city 25 grand. An 18 hold half course is not feasible. Modesto can't afford their municipal half courses and Stevinson Ranch one of the nations finest closed up. Stop wasting money on studies. Can't but common sense

  • Guest - Guest

    I'll take 50 grand and save the city 25 grand. Modesto could not afford their municipal golf course. Stevinson Ranch, one of the nations finest, closed up. To pay 75 grand on a study is absurd. Can not buy common sense.
    Also, water use? The same folks putting restrictions on water use just this last summer are the same folks wanting to build two projects needing enormous amounts of water. Now we have another over rated under qualified city manager. When will his contract be released?

  • Guest - Guest

    Invest and update Pedretti with turf fields to save water use. Or build a new sports complex to compete with Ripon. Instead of a water park build a nice aquatic center for swim meets and water polo tourneys. Weekend tourneys will bring this city huge revenue with people coming and staying at our local hotels and eating and shopping at our local restaurants and shops.

  • Guest - Tonyy

    What we need is something that is opened year around, a water park will only be open in the summer, wouldn't a bowling alley be better used for the whole family or a indoor roller ring would be cheaper to maintain than a Ice ring. A public golf course would be great you can use the recycled water from the Water Quality Control #2 water to irrigate the course. Golf courses are not only for old people, there is alot more younger people taking up the sport. It is sad that there is smaller towns around the area that have golf courses. Turlock is following behind other cities, they need to step up and do something.

  • Guest - 2 cents

    No water park please.

  • Guest - hmichelle

    Finally!!!! Something for the family to do together! A water park would bring so many people from all over the valley. The closest water parks are in Fresno, or Sacramento. If they don't skimp out on the park it would bring in tons of revenue.. not only do people buy tickets to the park, but gas, food/snacks and sometimes people forget their suits or need different clothes after. If we are going to be a big city with big city crime we might as well have big city actives and revenue!

  • Guest - Guest

    1st off, California is in a severe drought with water restrictions everywhere. Where in the hell is Turlock going to get water for a water park and golf course?
    2nd, who are the puppets masters running the show and allowing money to be wasted for these stupid surveys?
    Turlock is a small town, period.
    Does anyone have any common sense these days?

  • Guest - Lisa pegueros

    I have been hearing these same great idea's and plans for 5 years plus as well as a bowling alley and laser tag center where are these places nowhere there great even awesome life changing for turlock and it's residents people would even travel to come to a new water park but great idea's don't go anywhere in Turlock unless your rich good idea's are thought of in Turlock then die they get us residents all excited then say yes to another bar or bars or new carwash during a drought. I would frequent all places such as family fun center miniature golf water slide or water park golf course bowling alley laser tag skating ring etc. But Turlock will never approve anything like that here because you can't drink at any of those locations.

  • Guest - jen


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