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As hard rains are ensuing, the Turlock and Stanislaus County area was advised by the National Weather Service that a tornado warning has been put in place. The warning is issued when tornados are indicated by the WSR-88D radar or sighted by spotters. In this instance, the doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado. It is recommended that people in the area seek safe shelter immediately. 
A family is trying to find their missing 13 year old son, Max Arayes. According to comments from Ashley Stewart Loveland on Facebook, Max was last seen by the Starbucks on Lander Avenue in Turlock, on Wednesday, Mar. 8.
Turlock firefighters are working to put out a fire being reported at the former Almond Tree Restaurant & Lounge building. At approximately 10:55 a.m., the Turlock Fire Department received a call of a structure fire at 2243 Lander Avenue.
City of Turlock police and firefighters have blocked off C Street between Lander Avenue and 6th Street after a tree caused a transformer to blow out. Power outages are being reported. Impacts to the immediate area include power outages to local businesses near La Perla Tapatia and Ranch Burger. La Perla Tapatia is currently not in service.
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A live power line is down on Soderquist Road while Turlock police and firefighters are now on scene diverting traffic. People are advised to stay away from the area as the ground nearby may be charged with electricity.
All parties involved in a three vehicle collision on Golden State Boulevard, that occurred Wednesday morning, are believed to be in stable condition. “The exact circumstances of the collision are still under investigation at this time,” reported Turlock Police Department spokesman officer Steve Rodrigues. “All parties who were involved in this traffic collision are believed to be in stable condition.”
Turlock police officers have blocked off southbound Golden State Boulevard between Atherstone Road and Taylor as they investigate a major vehicle collision. This morning, two damaged vehicles are in the middle of the intersection of Golden State and Atherstone. Both have sustained heavy damage to the rear.
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