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Local indie rockers Indian Runner have released their first full-length record, "A Decent Human Being," on Ronald Records. It’s a solid indie album, infused with 60's rock influences. The boys note bands like Modest Mouse, The Smiths, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed as some of their influences. The Modest Mouse influence is obvious on the track “DBHC.” As a Modest Mouse fan, it's one of my favorite songs on the album.
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit delivers a slice of bluegrass and country as warm as sunshine and as sweet as apple pie. The boys of the Outfit have been performing together since 2004. Surprisingly, the first time I heard them was last year at the State Theater in Modesto. I had purchased tickets to see the extraordinary band House of Orange and got an extra bonus with TGLTSO. I was so impressed with what I had heard that I purchased two of their three albums: “The Ghost of Good Manners” and “Old Excuses.” Their self-titled debut album was sold out. 
Punk and alternative fuse together on the Turlock band Broken Trojan's new, solid six-song EP “Lemmings and Hypocrites.” Many people get a chuckle at the Broken Trojan's name, completely confusing its meaning.
Sometimes we have to travel thousands of miles just to realize we were right where we needed to be from the beginning. This seems to be the case with Turlock native Jeremy Penick (Guitar, vocals, banjo, dobro and bass), one half of the rebel country duo Thin Black Line.
I can’t discuss indie rockers Of Us Giants without bringing up their first release, the EP “Stitch.” “Stitch” (2013, Quote Your Pulse Records) is in constant rotation in my music library. It is, in my opinion, a perfect album.
It's easy to list off America's music meccas, places like Nashville and Los Angles where the recording industry is a dominant player, or Austin where every street corner seems to feature an up-and-coming gem of a band. But Turlock, too, is home to a burgeoning music scene with top-notch talent playing every weekend. There's only one problem: very few people know about it.

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