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Thursday, 14 July 2016 23:16

Young Turlocker Needs Kidney, Family Asking Community for Help

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Manjinder Singh was diagnosed with kidney failure autoimmune disease nearly 2 1/2 years ago. Manjinder Singh was diagnosed with kidney failure autoimmune disease nearly 2 1/2 years ago. Submitted/TurlockCityNews.com
Manjinder Singh, a 26 year old Turlock man who suffers from a kidney failure autoimmune disease, is looking for someone willing to donate a kidney.

Diagnosed over 2 years ago, Singh was a top tennis player and studying to become a doctor. He is currently studying and preparing to take the mcat but he needs a kidney soon.
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Despite Singh feeling “ok” for a while, his recent blood results were bad enough that he had to be admitted to the E.R.

His doctor told him two weeks ago that he had a month to find a kidney or they would have to start dialysis.

“Let that sink in; 26 year old who is a top athlete, true scholar, ranked top tennis player in California but now he has to be on dialysis,” stated his older brother, Pawandeep Bains Buttar.
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Due to poor results on his blood work, Singh has been placed on dialysis 2 weeks earlier than expected. He undergoes this treatment 3 times a week.

Singh’s blood type is A+ and he is hoping to find an organization or individual who can help him.

If you have any helpful information, you can contact his family members at (209) 648-7567, (209) 648-3285, or pardsing@cisco.com.
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  • Guest - Tony Sanchez

    That is just straight crazy my friend's mom needed and needs a kidney and none of their family was begging for a hand out like this person and his family. The man can go on dialysis like the rest and be put on the waiting list like all the others that need a kidney too. sad that their are people that would ask for that.

  • Guest - Anonymous

    I hope you never need a kidney. You lack of compassion is astounding

  • Guest - guest

    How insensitive.

  • Guest - Gagan

    Pls contact me 5593138504

  • Guest - To Tony Sanchez

    Are you Fn kidding me. I have no clue who this guys up here in this artical is or your friends mother.. but, where the F do you get off telling them they can sit an wait as your friends family is doing.. i think you may be very 'specail' if you know whati mean.. Do you know how LONG your friends mother will sit an fn wait for her kidney.. ppl die all the time so kidneys are available but do you have any idea how many ppl are on that list ahead of her.. im soooo heartbroken that this friend of yours an his mother an family hace chosen to SIT and WAIT... for what can be years for a kidney Instead of being PROACTIVE an trying to FIND a DONOR... you realize people can and DO willingly give up a organ. Do you know all that goes into getting a kidney.. the blood types all sorts of **** has to match.. hints a longgggg wait for your poor friends mother.. sorry to say but she may even die before one comes along.. but im sure you will have the right words to comfort your grieving friend when she can no longer 'wait her turn' an body shuts down an she passes.. you sound like a heartless POS. Deff. Not someone i would want by my side during a time like this. I get your spiteful an rather your friends mother get help first.. welll that probably wont happen when shes sittin round waiting.. but while shes waiting on another person to die that is a match she could be proactive an try to find one herself. Maybe your a match but will nvr know cus thats that 'just straight crazy' for her to go look for herself. Right. I hope this man gets a kidney.. i hope your friends mom gets a kidney. But i would bet that this young man may get his before her.. im sure you understand now.. pray no one in ur family goes through this.. better yet i hope you have no say or opinion in the matter, the way you think they would end up dead before help finds them. Good day heartless spiteful douch

  • Guest - reg. Tony

    Its sad that people would ask that? Or fight to survive?
    Its sad that you and your friends family rather wait for their mother to die then do what this mans family is doing. There are orginizations that could help her... but in your opinion shes should just wait her turn. Where is your compassion. And How old are you.. you seem very naieve an childish judging from your post..

  • Guest - Dalai Lama

    We are all meant to die at some point, it's called population control!

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