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Monday, 30 May 2016 15:28

Turlock Firefighters Rescue Trapped Kittens

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Once again, TFD has shown their efforts in preserving all life, both domestic and furry, in Turlock. Once again, TFD has shown their efforts in preserving all life, both domestic and furry, in Turlock. Turlock Fire Department
Yesterday, kittens trapped within the attic of an apartment complex found safety when Turlock firefighters rescued them from the scene.

Early in the afternoon, the Turlock Fire Department responded to a report of kittens trapped in the attic of an apartment complex on 381 W. Hawkeye.

After searching all areas of the attic and roof, firefighters found and rescued 4 kittens off of a sun baked roof. These kittens are approximately 6 weeks old.

“A” Shift Battalion Chief of Turlock Fire Department Bill Becker stated the first Engine Company that arrived was on scene for a little over 2 and ½ hours. Eventually, an additional Engine Company was called in for assistance. 

Temperatures yesterday ranged around the mid 90’s. These elevated temperatures in and around the attic/roof area were a big concern for firefighters.

The four kittens were reunited with their mother and owners who had come forward shortly after.

“With diligence, they were eventually able to find all four missing kittens.  The kitten’s owner came forward and was reunited with the kittens,” noted TFD “A” Shift Battalion Chief Bill Becker.

The rescue of these kittens saw the response of 2 Engine Companies, 1 Chief Battalion, and 1 Fire Chief.

This is not the first time TFD firefighters have spent their efforts rescuing the furry companions of Turlock locals.

Earlier this month, TFD responded to a building threatened by a fire outside of West Main Street. Captured video of their efforts documented the reveal of 4 foam covered kittens in burning wood rounds. The kittens were rescued and reunited with their mother.

However, the video capturing the TFD’s efforts went viral, and the TFD’s youtube account has garnered over 26,000 views. The video captured national attention, with coverage from the Huffington Post, the Inquisitor, CNN, New York Daily News, and Canada Journal.

Much like the kittens discovered at the beginning of the month, the kittens rescued yesterday were reunited with both their owners.


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