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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 21:03

Woman Mistakes Raccoon for Mountain Lion, Citizens Still Worried

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Woman Mistakes Raccoon for Mountain Lion, Citizens Still Worried Some rights reserved by andrusdevelopment
Citizens of Turlock remain concerned about the still un-captured mountain lion that has been sighted numerous times in recent weeks.

Despite chatter of mountain lion sightings, no confirmed sightings of the lion have been officially logged since overnight on Oct. 1, when four sightings were reported.

Rumors of a city-wide ban on trick-or-treating circulated in the first days of this month, but were proven untrue.

However, residents still express concern, including Turlock resident Melinda Reynolds Tripp, who says she called police Thursday night after letting her dogs out in the backyard to “do their business.”

Tripp wrote on Facebook, “I saw my dogs run for an animal in the dark corner of the yard by my fish pond, saw a long tail go over the fence, I yelled for them to get back in, and called 911, there may have been a bit of yelling involved. So we are still a little jumpy around here.”

Evidently Turlock police are just as jumpy and ready to pounce at a moments notice.

“The police were here instantly. My heart rate eventually returned to normal and my dogs were not eaten,” said Tripp.

Fortunately for Linda and her dogs the creature with the long tail was nothing more than a raccoon.

This isn’t the first time mountain lion-fearing residents have mistaken another animal for the lion.

On Sept. 23, when Turlock Police and Fish and Game were actively tracking the lion, officials said there were seven false reports of sightings, six of them were actually dogs and one was a possum.

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