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Eric Escalante - eric@turlockcitynews.com

Eric Escalante - eric@turlockcitynews.com

Eric Escalante is a writer versed in research methodology, phonetics, syntax, and literary analysis.

At TurlockCityNews.com, he has written on the topics of Education, Government, and community events. He has also written on social, economic, and cultural dynamics, language in literature, and concepts of identity in regard to literature, gender, and race.

Escalante graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Major in English and Minor in Linguistics. He served as an editor for the Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal, Berkeley Fiction Review, and as a writer/editor for Spoon University.

In his spare time, Escalante watches WWE Monday Night Raw, a childhood passion of his. He also composes music, makes homemade pizzas, and reads novels.
Campaign contributions became a highlighted part of discussion in meetings regarding the Turlock farmers’ market. Focus on the farmers’ market process and its budding operators was diverted by the two local newspapers. While The Modesto Bee placed emphasis on attacking the contributions made to Mayor Soiseth’s 2014 election campaign, The Turlock Journal performed similar disservice by failing to report any documentation of the Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market alleged nonprofit status and their missing California tax exemption.
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 18:10

Jiffy Lube Coming to Turlock

Back in February, it was announced by Stout Building Contractors that they were awarded the Jiffy Lube coming to Turlock, and that they would be working on it with Boos Development.
With ongoing construction, the intersection at North Tegner Road and Taylor Road will no longer be accessible to vehicles.
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 17:44

Water Schedule Changes for Summer

Even though the first day of summer is June 20, the City of Turlock’s summer water schedule is already in effect and in its second stage. 
Construction crew broke ground on Montana Avenue this week to begin the construction of Montana Neighborhood Park.
Friday, 27 May 2016 13:40

Job Watch English Teacher at THS

An opportunity is available to join the same school district as two of the Stanislaus County’s Teachers of the Year award recipients and one of the oldest high schools in town. Turlock Unified School District is currently accepting application for an English teacher.
Back in November, the Turlock community learned that Dr. Joseph Sheley retiring as president of Stanislaus State University. With Sheley retiring on June 30, California State University Trustees have appointed Ellen N. Junn, Ph.D. as the President of Stanislaus State effective July 1.
As conversation of campaign donations surrounding the farmers’ market in Turlock were referenced at the Mar. 1 Turlock City Council meeting, Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth requested that the Time is Now, Clean Up Politics (TIN CUP) ordinance be addressed by City Council. “We’ve had some lively discussions over the course of the last couple of weeks, and some people in the community have come up to me saying ‘what is TIN CUP,’” said Mayor Gary Soiseth.
In a four hour, special Turlock City Council meeting on Saturday - consisting mostly of semantics and revisions - the City Council moved forward in their endeavor to provide a fair process to determine a farmers’ market operator. A number of Turlock Certified Farmers Market supporters arrived to the Turlock City Council chambers to provide their input on the process. Last month, the Turlock City Council held a meeting regarding how to proceed with two competing road closures. The closures were for the same time, the same place, and the same event, the Turlock Farmers’ Market. 
Two competing farmers’ market road closures requests put the City of Turlock in an awkward position. The Golden State Farmers’ Market Association submitted a road closure request before the usual operators of the market, Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market. With the definition of the City’s usual first come, first serve process now thrown into ambiguity, the Turlock City Council has opted to engage in an RFP process to give every potential operator the opportunity to make their case for being the official farmers’ market operator. The City of Turlock has no official agreement with the current operators of the farmers’ market in Turlock, TCFM. According to Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities Director Allison Van Guilder, the City’s involvement was limited to the road closure request submitted every year. 
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