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Turlock Girl Makes Maxim's Hometown Hotties Semifinals

Maxim Hometown Hottie Semifinalist Kristin Gustafson from TurlockUpdate 12/14/09: Kristin Gustafson Wins Maxim Hometown Hotties Contest 2009

Update 09/13/09:
Turlock's Kristin Gustafson Makes Maxim Hometown Hotties' Top 10

After seeing Transformers with her boyfriend Nick, Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Semifinalist Kristin Gustafson met up at Starbucks to tell us a little bit about herself and how she has become the Turlock girl that is now considered one of the hottest girls in the United States and Canada.
Maxim magazine holds a contest every year asking girls from the United States and Canada to submit pictures, videos, and questionnaires in search of a “Hometown Hottie.” People go to Maxim.com to vote girls up through the rounds.
This year, Turlock’s Kristin Gustafson will be in the Maxim Hometown Hotties finals if she is voted as one of the top 10 out of the 100 semifinalists. She has already made it through 10 rounds and has until August 3rd to get as many votes as possible. If she does make it, she will be flown out to New York to do a photo shoot with Maxim.
Kristin’s Maxim.com profile is: http://lnk.ms/0njB5
Kristin’s common introduction these days is as if she is some kind of baseball player with stats; Kristin Gustafson, 21 years old, 5’8”, 125 pounds, 35-25-35.
Maxim Turlock Kristin GustafsonSpeaking of baseball players, she graduated Turlock High School with Tom Mendonca who was drafted by the Texas Rangers and just begun his major league career this last week. Kristin played volleyball and participated in track while she was in high school.
Before we go on about Kristin’s associations and getting to know her… First things first, Kristin Gustafson is not related to Stan Gustafson (former owner of the heath food store).
“Everyone knows Stan,” Kristin said. “I hear his name on a daily basis but I’ve never met the guy.”
Kristin Gustafson works at an apartment complex as a leasing agent and now she’s a semifinalist in Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Contest. Kristin has no previous modeling experience, well, besides what she describes as “just friends’ stuff.”
“I’m in the Evaline videos and my legs were on the Evaline cover, I guess if that counts? I was a Flygirl in December too. But that’s all I’ve done. I haven’t done much more than that. I put my pictures on my MySpace if that counts, that’s about it… Modeling my Target clothes on my MySpace. That was a shout out to Target right there, I’ll be expecting a gift card.”
Kristin fooled around with a little candid photo shoot at the corner of Monte Vista Crossings and people were quick to give her some “positive attention.”
It must be known that Kristin laughs and smiles a lot throughout this entire interview. Her country “twang” accent comes out every once in a while as she jokes (but not) about how she’s such a tomboy and her inner “country girl.”
Interview with Maxim’s Hometown Hotties Semifinalist Kristin Gustafson (from Turlock):
TCN - What made you decide to enter this contest?
Kristin - I saw it last year, I was just looking online at Maxim.com and I saw it on there. And I thought, you know… I’m going to enter this one day. And just by chance I was on it this year and I noticed they were starting to enter girls again. I was very glad it snuck up on me.
TCN - Did you talk it over with anyone and if so, what did they say?
Kristin - Not really.
TCN - You didn’t consult anyone?
Kristin - No, I just knew I wanted to do it. I let my parents know, I let my boyfriend know that I was doing it, but… They were all behind me so I just went ahead and did it. I didn’t really ask them if I should do it, I just sort of said “So I entered into this contest, uh… You have to vote for me now.” I don’t think they would’ve told me no.
TCN - Do you have any previous modeling experience?
No, not at all… Just friends’ stuff. Well the Evaline videos and my legs were on the Evaline cover, I guess if that counts but that’s all I’ve done. I haven’t done much more than that, I put my pictures on my MySpace if that counts, that’s about it… Modeling my Target clothes on my MySpace. That was a shout out to Target right there, I’ll be expecting a gift card.
TCN - What was the process you went through in entering this contest and what’s next?
Kristin - When you enter the competition the website first sends you to a link where you have to upload pictures, you have to fill out this questionnaire asking certain questions that Maxim has entailed and then you submit it and wait. You wait for someone to email you, and then you either get an email saying you made it into the competition or you didn’t. They took it from 1,000 girls… So 10 weeks at 100 girls and then put it in from that round to 100 girls. So now we’re all the semifinalists and from this round voting is going on again, and if I make it to the next round I get flown to New York and I get to shoot for Maxim. That’s what we’re hoping for. Voting ends on August 3rd, so probably sometime that week. But they make you wait, it kills ya. That was the first part of it, waiting, and that’s the worst part of it right now… just waiting. You can’t see how many votes you’re getting, so you don’t necessarily know if you’re doing well or if you’re doing bad. It’s a lot of waiting, to see if like “I hope everyone’s voting like they said they are.”
TCN - How do people vote?
Kristin - You go to Maxim.com and then click on the section that says Hometown Hotties Semifinalist. I think my pictures on the 2nd row and then just click “vote for me” and you can do it every day until August 3rd.
TCN - Now when you mentioned the 1,000 girls, was that just the 1,000 they chose? So there are two countries (USA and Canada) worth of people, so…?
Kristin - Yeah, there’s more. So I have no idea even how many submitted there picture, but they broke it down to 1,000.
TCN - Were you amazed when you were notified?
Kristin - I was excited. When they emailed me I was excited… Kinda in shock. I went around, told everyone and had them all prepared to get their fingers ready to start clicking and voting and stuff.
TCN - Besides just supporting a Turlocker, why should someone vote for you over these other Hometown Hotties?
Kristin - Born and raised in Turlock, a tomboy, my aunt lived out off by Turlock Auto Plaza (when it used to be country out there) so I grew up barefoot runnin’ around with all the cats… I have a very down to earth, relaxed, laid back personality but I can still get dolled up and you know… Take some really good pictures. I kinda think that’s what they’re looking for… Someone that’s really going to give that hometown appeal.
TCN - So basically being “hot” doesn’t just have to do with looks, there’s some other appeal like personality?
Kristin - Oh yeah, you can find the hottest girl you’ve ever seen but if she is rude and just makes you feel unwelcome, that just kinda lowers her hotness level a lot there. I really think personality has a lot to do with it there. Not even with just girls, with guys… Maxim asked a question when we did our videos asking “What most attracts you to a guy?” And personality really is the biggest one. Yeah, ok looks… Great, you can take a great picture but if you can’t talk to people and you’re not personable and you’re a complete… Nobody is gonna want to have you representing their company. So I really do think that’s why they do the videos because they really want to see what kind of person you are.
TCN - In your videos, you really portray a country girl and Turlock like it’s in the middle of the country with a shopping center. You were born and raised here in Turlock, grew up in the country, but who’s farm are you filming your video where you get down and dirty on the farm (you’re riding a tractor, riding a horse, milking a cow…)?
Kristin - Good ol’ fair trains you well!
When I was growing up, I’m 21 now, so twenty one years ago Turlock did not look like what it does now. See, Turlock was pretty much a farm that long ago. I spent a lot of time out at my aunt’s and younger cousin’s house. My cousin and I were best friends. They don’t live out on a farm; they just live out by the country. We were out there barefoot, playin’ with the coyotes, and sleep on the trampoline at night and listen to the coyotes.
The farm in the video was my friend’s, friend’s, boyfriend’s (Louie’s) dairy. They were so good to me out there. I guess that’s why I wanted to shoot on a farm; I wanted to stay true to myself. Yeah, I can be prissy, but ultimately I’m a tomboy. I’m not scared to get a little dirty; I’m not this “miss priss” that can’t hang out with the boys. Ya know, me sitting pool side in a bikini… that’s not me.
TCN - What do you do in Turlock for fun?
Kristin - Well I’d like to go bowling (jokingly referring to the poll on TurlockCityNews.com). I go to Target, that’s what we do. I’m really just a laid back kind of person so I just like to sit at home, watch TV, watch movies… You know, just hang out with my friends. I’m a homebody too though, I don’t mind just sitting home by myself… I almost enjoy that more than going out. I’m a little obsessed with Rock Band right now.
TCN - What music do you listen to?
Kristin - Pretty much anything. Country, Kings of Leon…
TCN - What’s your favorite movies?
Kristin - The Hangover! Anything Will Ferrell, but I gotta say The Hangover is it right now.
TCN - Where would someone most likely see you around town?
Kristin - Uh home, work, Panda (I eat Panda a lot), Target… Those are pretty much my hot spots. So many exciting places I go. I like to go to Chili’s… Their buffalo chicken salad, that’s amazing. I’m really a fast food kind of girl. Like I really just like somewhere I can drive through, and so I go to McDonald’s a lot, Taco Bell, In N’ Out, so…
TCN - Are people coming up to you saying they recognize you, or not yet?
Kristin - I haven’t had anyone stop me yet. I mean people that know me or friends of friends’ maybe, but nobody has randomly stopped me.
TCN - Anything else interesting about all this you’d like to talk about?
Kristin - Well… I know this is one of those controversial things, and not everyone’s going to approve of it, or… I don’t expect everyone to agree with it. The one thing I’m very firm in it is that I don’t think people should judge other people. I’m not asking you to do it, I’m just asking you to vote for me!
TCN - So you don’t care what we say or think, just as long as we vote!?
Kristin - Exactly! I’m joking but… I’m not hurtin’ anybody, and I enjoy doing it. I’m proud of how far I’ve gotten. I understand not everyone is going to agree with it or think it’s a good representation of Turlock but hey, who wouldn’t want someone from Turlock to get all the way into a nationwide magazine?
TCN - Has anyone said anything negative to you yet?
Kristin – No, not really. Some girls that maybe want to, but just that they might be too scared or… I’m a good girl, I’m a good friend, I’m a good overall person (I think) but I just enjoy taking pictures like this. This doesn’t make me a bad person, I just like to take pictures in my underwear. Is that bad, I don’t understand the problem?
TCN - Do you have any future aspirations to model?
Kristin - I think I’ve always wanted to do modeling but I think I was too scared to start. I think I was too scared to start I guess because of getting rejected from it. If this went forward, I’d love to do the things like Maxim or Victoria Secret or things like that. Victoria Secret here I come! I’d love to do Maxim though. I read their columns. Nick gets a subscription, he probably isn’t “reading” them but I do.
People can view
Kristin's Maxim Hometown Hotties Contest profile where she has more glamour shot pictures, videos, a Maxim Q&A and the chance to vote for her.

Kristin Gustafson Maxim Turlock Photo by Nathan Frye Photography


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