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Turlock Boy Undergoing Open Heart Surgery Requests 100 Cards For His Wall

Chris and Ciara Millerick, of Turlock, have a 9 year old son, Ethan Millerick, who has multiple cardiac conditions collectively known as Shone's Complex. Ethan has undergone several surgeries and has had to visit a hospital many times now.
Ethan is extremely sick and in the hospital right now awaiting his 4th open heart surgery on Monday.
Ethan would like nothing more than to receive 100 get well cards to place on the wall of his room. Please help him reach his goal. Address them to Ethan Millerick C/O Ronald McDonald House 520 Sand Hill Road Palo Alto CA 94304.
Ethan  likes Halo, WoW, Indiana Jones, Bionicles, laser tag, basketball, Kings and Lakers, puzzles, word searches, things to put together, play doh, Fun Dip, Sweet Tarts, Nerds and Hershey Bars with almonds if anyone want to go above and beyond to cheer this little guy up.
Chris and Ethan Millerick addressing the audience of 300+ attendees at the 2009 Valentine Heart Dinner.About Shone's Syndrome
Shone's Syndrome is a form of heart disease that has two main features. First, there are multiple problems with the left side of the heart, which receives blood from the lungs and pumps it to the body. The valves and passageways are often too small or blocked. Second, the abnormal areas on the left side get worse over time. This second aspect of Shone's Syndrome makes it very different from most other types of congenital heart disease, which may be equally severe at birth, but do not progress over time.

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