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The residents of Westfork Estate’s are getting ready for their Annual Carport Sale, and, if you love spending your weekend on the hunt for treasures and knick-knacks, you may want to drop in and check out Westfork Estates’ Annual Carport Sale.
While splash parks can be fun for the kids, some Turlock residents may need something a bit more spacious for the family and for themselves. Soon, Turlockers will be able beat the heat at Columbia Pool.  
With summer just around the corner, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5059 is providing the perfect family friendly environment to beat the heat, support Veterans, and to enjoy some good food and good “stuff.” 
During the summer it can get expensive to keep children entertained while they are out of school. For those seeking fun activities for their children, the Turlock Library will be having lots of activities that can entertain the children this month.
Country music lovers and Trace Adkins fans in the Turlock Area won’t have to wait until August to see him perform. He and other country music stars will be performing at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds for the Kat Country Annual Listener Appreciation concert. 
Turlockers are invited to attend a Memorial Day Service that will honor all of those who died in war.
Now that summer is here and school is getting out, many parents are looking for activities that their children can participate in. The City of Turlock Parks, Recreation & Public Facilities Department is offering summer camps.