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Friday, 05 September 2014 20:58

Suspect With Two Drug Warrants Arrested After Disturbance

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Stacey Coslow, 24, was arrested on two active felony drug related warrants. Stacey Coslow, 24, was arrested on two active felony drug related warrants. Courtesy of Turlock Police Department
Officers arrested a female subject with multiple felony drug warrants after responding to a disturbance early on Wednesday morning.

Around 2 a.m., the Turlock Police Department received a report of a screaming woman in a residence on the 100 block of 20th Century Boulevard, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.
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The witness also reported that they had seen a male walk up to the residence from Walgreen’s, said Lewis.

Officers responded to perform a security check and located Stacey Coslow, 24, at the residence.

Coslow was found to have two active felony drug related warrants. She was arrested and booked for the warrants.
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  • Guest - Sick and Tired of Tweekers

    She used to have blond hair and the cops have been called on her several times at a local 24 hr store, for shoplifting and also threatening a clerk. Keep her in jail this time, don't let her out.

  • Guest - jack hiscock

    let me guess

    209 methmouth?


  • Guest - Oh no not another tweeker

    She's also one of the annoying local panhandlers in addition to being a thief and meth head. Can someone poison the dope supply or something? The gutter slime doesn't seem to be going away.

  • Guest - jack hiscock

    shes got betty crankster eyes

  • Guest - J.SKI

    She's probably finer than your guy's old lady's There's no hope on winning the war on drugs, that's why they call it a war, because it's just like any other war (we lose)....

  • Guest - Guest

    She looks pretty good in my eyes. I would slip her some meth for a (*edited by tcn). If I was wearing a swimsuit, maybe more!

  • Guest - Wow

    You know you're in hell when people are saying some trailer-dwelling crackhead is a nice looking lady. =/

  • Guest - Stacey coslow

    (*edited by tcn) all of u come say that to my face Gloria pace u half embedded retarded (*edited by tcn) with your retarded kids (*edited by tcn)