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While most people make the New Year’s resolution to being healthier or getting in shape, In-Shape City members had to wait an extra day to get started. The In-Shape City, located at 2710 Geer Rd., had an empty parking lot as it was closed on New Year’s Day.
While most handicap parking signs are posted to mark handicap parking spots, the Jack in the Box on Geer Road has two signs facing the street. One of said signs has been torn down, however it is unknown what caused the sign to knocked down.
Just as Christmas has come and gone, the Christmas tree lots around Turlock are on their way out as well. The Christmas tree lot on the corner of Monte Vista Avenue and Geer Road was packing up and moving out on Sunday.
Usually full of water, the Reflection Pond at California State University, Stanislaus was drained for cleaning on Saturday. Crews were inside of the pond...
Despite the O’Reilly Auto Parts previously located at 693 N. Golden State Blvd. moving to its Geer Road location in February, the old parcel remains empty. The former O’Reilly location is one of multiple empty parcels in the Turlock Town Center.
While most of the storm basins around Turlock have drained after the storm that hit two weeks ago, some water remains in the basin at Rotary International Park, located at 1025 Gettysburg St. That water has created a new home for some area geese and ducks, who may have traveled just down the street from California State University, Stanislaus.
While many homes around Turlock are decorated for the holidays, this vehicle is decorated with a festive Christmas carousel. The Ford Mustang, located on the corner of F and Ninth streets, may be the vehicle to give Santa’s sleigh a run for its money.