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Although often seen at baseball fields around Turlock, these nets here are not for catching home runs. Nets, such as the ones on top of the Bank of America at 501 E. Main St., are often used to prevent birds from building nests.

The Intuition and Holistic Expo was held at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds on Saturday. Turlock plays host to several expos throughout the year and according to the website for the expo, the one hosted Saturday was a smaller one.

Those who normally take a quick walk through the walkway between Crivelli’s and Glitz were forced to take a detour on Friday as the walkway was blocked off. Earlier in the day crews were working in the walkway, digging up bricks amongst other work.
Anyone with a craving for a Whopper after 9 p.m. on Thursday was surely disappointed if they headed over to the Burger King on Geer Road. A sign posted in the drive-thru said the fast food restaurant closed at 9 p.m. for store maintenance.
This large drill was the cause of some lane closures on South Walnut Road on Wednesday. The closure left only one lane for traffic in each direction between Venture Lane and Linwood Avenue.
Outside of the Public Safety Facility, located at 144 N. Broadway Ave., sits three stones marking memorial occasions of Turlock’s history. The Turlock Centennial Tree stone, Public Safety Facility cornerstone, and the memory of the late retired Turlock Police Services Captain Sam Matson sit just south of the Public Safety Facility’s main entrance.
Located on Canal Drive are drop boxes for both Turlock Irrigation District and City of Turlock utility bills. Residents can however pay both bills online at the TID and City of Turlock websites, respectively.