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The Easter Bunny has been making his way around Turlock and a local resident was able to take a photo of him.
Turlock Blossom Valley Plaza has recently received some new curb ramps throughout the shopping center. Curb ramps, or wheelchair access ramps, are typically necessary for sidewalks to be deemed compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The victim of a saran wrap prank was spotted by a TurlockCityNews.com reader. A vehicle was seen driving with the saran wrap still around the car. The real question is, how did the driver get inside of their vehicle?
Turlock has many fine establishments to grab a burrito, however, local ducks appear to prefer El Asadero Taco Shop. The late comedian Mitch Hedberg joked that ducks eat free at Subway, that may not apply to taco shops though.
Parking can occasionally be a nightmare at the Post Office in downtown Turlock, however, those just driving through may also face a small inconvenience during normal business hours.The sign posted at the end of the alley prevents motorists from making left turns onto E. Olive Avenue from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.
The embattled Turlock Town Center is already receiving a facelift from the incoming dd’s Discount. The shopping center signs have long had missing spots, however have recently received a splash of color from the new dd’s signs.
Several Turlock firefighters were honored and awarded a “CPR Rescuer Medallion” from Mountain Valley EMS Medical Director Dr. Kevin Mackey during Tuesday evening’s Turlock City Council meeting. The firefighters saved the life of a local resident, after he suffered cardiac arrest in his home on Sept. 1 of last year, using a unique type of CPR called “Pit Crew CPR.”