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Turlock Farmers Market Started by Community Group

Farmer's MarketCouncilwoman Mary Jackson was pleased to report that after four months of meeting with a group of volunteers including city staff, Turlock Downtown Property Owners Association members, and people from CSU Stanislaus that a new Turlock Farmers Market in Turlock will launch.
The Turlock Farmers Market will begin on May 7th and set up on Broadway (between Main St. + N. Olive) from 8:00am – 1:00pm every Friday until November.
Beginning on June 4th, the Turlock Farmers Market will also set up on every first Friday evening of the month from 4:30pm – 8:00pm.
Councilwoman Jackson has hopes that the Turlock City Recreation and Arts Commission will have activities for children at the evening farmer’s markets.
Back in August of 2009, efforts began to recreate the success of the previous farmers market held Downtown on Thursday nights, and brought out an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 people each night.
One idea was to hold the Turlock Farmers Market on Thursday nights again, and each week would have a different them (i.e. Sports Night, Kids & Pets Night, CSU Stanislaus Night).
An outreach questionnaire was sent out in an attempt to get people’s input and help plan the new Turlock Farmers Market.
Many meetings took place to decide on the new farmers market as the community group discussed the answers to these questions:
1.            Why would you like to see a farmer’s market in the City of Turlock? Please explain your answer.
2.            What location would be the most effective place to hold a farmer’s market in the City of Turlock?
3.            In your opinion, what factors contributed to the original success and eventual breakdown of the farmer’s market in the past?
4.            What types of vendors do you think a farmer’s market should include?
5.            Who would be the key stakeholders in the development and implementation of a farmer’s market?
6.            Should the farmer’s market be managed as a non-profit or under the umbrella of another organization? Provide supporting ideas to your position.
7.            What role does City government play in facilitating the farmer’s market?
8.            What would be the most efficient and effective marketing strategy?
9.            What is the purpose of the farmer’s market?
10.          Does entertainment enhance or detract from the farmer’s market experience?  Please explain.
11.          Do food vendors enhance or detract from the farmer’s market experience?  Please explain.
12.          Do vendors other than produce vendors enhance or detract from the farmer’s market experience?  Please explain.
13.          Did downtown business owners experience an increase in sales on the evenings of the farmer’s market? If so, approximately what percentage?
14.          How does time of day, day of week and frequency impact the farmer’s market? What do you think the best combination is?
15.          What will the target market for the Turlock Farmers’ Market be? (i.e. Seniors, Families, etc.)
16.          Do you consider the farmer’s market to be a social event? Please explain.
17.          Would you be interested in a park and ride service in order to alleviate parking related issues? Please identify any other parking related issues.
18.          What types of additional support services or infrastructure would enhance the farmer’s market experience?
19.          How far reaching are the economic benefits of a farmer’s market?
20.          Does the farmer’s market have a potentially negative economic impact on existing business in Turlock?
21.          Should those organizations that have a stake in the success of the farmer’s market also provide some financial support to the farmer’s market? Please explain.
22.          What safety concerns do you have in regard to the farmer’s market?